Sudents of Colegio San Patricio commemorate the International Year of the Periodic Table

Mar 23, 2020 | News

In order to commemorate the International Year of the Periodic Table, which was celebrated last year, a group of students from the center of El Soto, have built a periodic table of 2m x 3m for whose construction they needed 118 polyspan cubes, 18 rods 2 meters each, and a meticulously designed and manufactured wooden structure. These cubic structures each represent a chemical element, so that the result is a three-dimensional periodic table.

In the design and development of the project, students from AACC from 1 to 4 of ESO have participated, who in a research work, have collected information on the elements of the periodic table, information that has been collected on a web page generated for the draft.

The “challenges and extension” (CHEX) activities of the subjects provide talented children with the possibility of expanding the subject and generating learning opportunities beyond the daily work in the classroom.

It has sought to give a more interactive and versatile sense to an essential pedagogical resource in the subject of Chemistry. Each element has a QR code, so that through this, you can access the particular information generated about it. Also, each significant group of elements has its own QR code, and one in which it is informed what it consists of and what the table itself means.

The objective of this project was to bring the periodic table of the elements, and by extension to the Chemistry, to all students and to the entire educational community, so that information of 118 known elements is accessed, beyond their chemical behavior. Uses and curiosities of each of them are detailed, and videos and news have been incorporated that allow us to learn more about the nature of the subject.

The project has been led by Helena Torrente (Teacher of Physics and Chemistry) and we must thank the invaluable help of Marcos Rey, a member of the maintenance staff of the center, who has actively participated in the construction of the table.