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IB Diploma

The IB Diploma is the gold standard qualification in providing access to higher education as it is recognised by universities globally and offers a broad, balanced programme of study across six subjects; three at higher level, three at standard level, which must include a language and a science.

Research suggests that there are many benefits to choosing the Diploma Programme (DP). The programme aims to develop students to have a strong breadth and depth of knowledge – students who flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically. DP students are better able than their peers to cope with demanding workloads, manage their time and meet the expectations placed on them

IB students follow the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme, prepare an Extended Essay and take the Theory of Knowledge course.

In order to support students and parents as they make the decision about the Diploma, we have devised a series of “Pathways” talks. We also run an Options Fair, for both parents and students. We aim to ensure families feel well-informed of the intricacies of both pathways before students make their final decisions.

A number of opportunities exist for students to develop specialised knowledge and skills in topics that interest them the most. While these opportunities are certainly the best preparation for university education, IB Diploma students also develop the ability to take on new ideas from across the disciplines throughout their lives.

More than simply a qualification, the IB Diploma provides a distinctive educational experience. It allows students to study a wide range of subjects throughout their final 2 years at school, while giving them the freedom to choose which subjects to study in greater depth.

 The IB Diploma offers a broad, balanced programme of study across six subjects; three at higher level and three at standard level, which must include a language and a science. Students select the six subjects by choosing one from each of the following groups:

Group 1


Spanish A – Spanish and Literature

Group 2

English B HL for all and French B for those who want to incorporate a third language

Group 3

Economics and Business Management in English, History, Global Politics and Business Management in Spanish.

Group 4

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Systems and Societies, Design Technology and Sports Sciences, Exercise and Health

Group 5

Mathematics Analysis and Approaches and Mathematics Applications and Interpretation. Both at HL and SL.

Group 6

Visual Arts and Cinema or a second subject from Groups 2, 3 or 4.

*Please note that if your son or daughter is planning on taking the IB Diploma as a pathway to a European university then it is important that your family is aware of specific country/university requirements regarding the diploma.