Welcome to Colegio San Patricio Madrid

Academic excelence for more than 60 years


Colegio San Patricio Madrid

Trusted generation after generation since 1958

Providing academic rigour based on Catholic values

Our curriculum embeds and continually innovates with proven pedagogical methodologies, in order to offer a unique and comprehensive educational model. In our three campuses in Madrid we nurture every child’s individual passions and talents in order to ensure that they flourish.


The first Bilingual & Catholic School in Madrid

Excellence in education from 2 to 18 years old.

High-quality & spacious indoor and outdoor learning facilities

National or International Baccalaureate curriculum (IB Diploma Programme) 


Our students achieved on average 3 points above the world average (over 45 points)


achieved 40+


pass rate

highest grade

National Baccalaureate Results 2021

Our students have achieved exceptional results at the EvAU exams


Students Passed

Average Grade Over 10

Highest Grade Over 14

* CSP schools are consistently ranked in Top 10 of the El Mundo “100 Best schools in Spain” guide.

* Colegio San Patricio, has been ranked in the Top 5 among the best 50 schools in Spain according to Forbes Magazine.

Our Campuses

For more than 60 years Colegio San Patricio has successfully educated thousands of students to provide them with a high-quality education in Spanish & English with Catholic values at its core.

Serrano NURSERY & PRIMARY 3-11


Nursery & Primary 3-11

This campus enjoys a privileged location on Calle Serrano, one of the most exclusive areas in Madrid. Our Serrano campus welcomes children from ages 3-11, from nursery to the end of primary school.
La Moraleja NURSERY & PRIMARY 2-11

La Moraleja

Nursery & Primary 2-11

Located in La Moraleja, a prestigious residential area on the outskirts of Madrid (10 minutes from the centre by car). Our Moraleja campus welcomes children from ages 3-11, from nursery to the end of primary school.

El Soto

Secondary & Baccalaureate (National & IB) 12-18

Our El Soto campus also enjoys an unbeatable location in Soto de La Moraleja. Here, secondary cycles are taught and then students can choose between National Baccalaureate or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.

In numbers


Qualified teachers


Alumni around the world

SanPa Family (alumni)

Through our Alumni the school strives to facilitate a lifelong mutually beneficial connection between Colegio San Patricio and our former students (Alumni) as well as our parents and staff.

San Patricio Institution was founded in 1958. Since then, we have had the honour of educating generations of students.
Going to school at Colegio San Patricio means that you are part of more than just a school. You become part of the SanPa Family.

We are extremely proud to welcome back our previous cohorts so that you can become part of our future as well as celebrate our past.

Antigua Alumna San Patricio

Miriam López Muñoz – Promotion 37

I can proudly say that I spent my entire school life at San Patricio school: first in La Moraleja and then in El Soto. I have fond memories of my time at school: of the friends I had and continue to have, of the teachers, who not only taught their subject but also guided and prepared you for adult life.

I went to university and started to work but I never forgot the school and the affection I felt for everything around it. So, as soon as I had the opportunity, I returned, and now I work at the Fundación. As the song says: “Where you were so happy you will always come back”

Alumni San PatricioPedro Parreño – Promotion 16

My school years passed happily at Colegio San Patricio and finally I studied Chemical Sciences and now I am carrying out my job at the company Agilent Technologies Spain, SL, a leading company in instrumentation for Chemical Analysis and Bioscience.

Having studied at San Patricio has endowed me with training, education and values ​​that have opened doors for me both personally and professionally.

Being part of the SanPa Family means that today I continue to keep my friends and a very special and close bond with what will always be my school.

Cristina Adan – Promotion 29

I have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and currently work as a Medical Director at Clovis Oncology. I am proud to be a former student of Colegio San Patricio. SanPa is not just a school, it is a community that you can belong to for a lifetime.
We have been lucky, thanks to our parents, to be part of it, we know what we are talking about.

Over time, you realise that beyond the academics, the most valuable aspects are the friendships you form in this time and the values ​​that the teachers instill in us without us even knowing such as respect, determination, curiosity, solidarity and collaboration.

Our children are currently studying at the campus in La Moraleja. They are really happy and so are we. The school has evolved a lot in terms of teaching methodology and facilities. However, I feel that the values ​​and traditions that have carried on throughout the years are what separates the school from others.

Hopefully Inés and Jaime find great friendships (as I was lucky enough to find) and that they get the chance to enjoy everything that the school continues to offer its students; Learning, Sports, Culture, Art and, above all, values.

Antiguo Alumno San Patricio

José Antonio Tortosa – Promotion 25

I studied at Colegio San Patricio from 3 to 18 years old and I have very happy memories, both of CSP Serrano and then of CSP Soto de la Moraleja.

When I finished, I studied law at ICADE, I spent a year in the United Kingdom, I studied a Masters at the Instituto de Empresa and began my professional career at EY Abogados, where I worked in the Madrid and New York offices.

I currently work in the M&A and international tax department of KPMG Abogados, a firm of which I have been a partner for 10 years.

I have always really identified with the academic approach at Colegio San Patricio, and my two daughters are now studying at Serrano. I believe that the culture and Christian values ​​of the School make it an excellent experience for my daughters’ education and growth.

Alumni San patricio

Alfonso Morodo – Promotion 23

I spent 6 years at Colegio San Patricio, later on I went to the US to study Industrial Engineering, on my return to Spain I started working in a beverage import company and after I got my MBA at the Instituto de Empresa I decided to create a company with other partners to develop and create brands that could transcend within and outside of Spain.

In my professional and academic life, the training and especially the values ​​of the school have always been very close to me and the decisions I make. A school full of people who, through dignity, sacrifice and effort were great role models. All the staff and teachers showed love and peace, making a better world, which are concepts in which I deeply believe and that I have also wanted to transmit to my sons, that currently study at San Patricio.

I firmly believe in the education they give our children, and they care about developing their students to be responsible leaders of the future.